Fitness Tips for 2016

At the beginning of every year, millions of people around the world make a resolution to lose some weight or to improve their fitness. Some of us even go ahead and enroll at the local gym. Unfortunately this commitment to get into shape lasts for a couple of months before we slide back to our slothful ways. Here are top fitness tips for 2016 that will assist you to achieve your goals before the year ends.

Best Fitness Tips for 2016

Surround yourself with fitness-loving people

It is important to surround yourself with people who are committed to fitness and health-whether at school,work or in your personal life. People who opt for healthy lifestyles are more likely to engage in good habits that will rub off on you. Likewise, if those around you are the exact opposite, they will most probably reinforce poor fitness and health habits.

Fitness experts advise that working out with one or more friends can help to strengthen not only your body, but also your relationships. It will also bolster your resolve to adhere to a fitness plan. For instance, you can share your fitness goals with someone you trust and ask them to assist you to stick to them. This will enhance your commitment and make it much harder to quit.

Start in a small way

It is quite easy to convince yourself that you will visit the gym six days every week. However, this may prove to be quite hard to achieve. Aim at hitting the gym three days every week, where you drive yourself hard. Then use the remaining energy for pleasurable activities like shopping or even preparing health food.

Add variety and fun to your exercise program

Variety will add sparkle to your workout program. It has been proved that adding some variety to a workout program helps to enhance adherence. Varying your workout routine will also keep you physically challenged. This is because our bodies adapt to a workout program in about eight weeks. Continuing with the same exercise routine will make the body reach what is called a plateau phase, where little benefit accrues from the exercise.

It is also beneficial to make exercise fun. Explore other ways of working out apart from going to the gym. For example you can join a sports team or even try trampolining-which is a fun form of cardio and does not stress the joints.

Make definite fitness goals and write them down

It is important to set specific fitness goals. For instance instead of just saying you want to add muscle, you can make it more specific by targeting to add two kilograms of muscle by the month of April. It is also useful to set specific targets while doing individual exercises in the gym. This will assist you to stay focused and when your body starts changing, it will feel like a pleasant side effect.

Writing down your goals will increase the chances of achieving them. By putting down your goals on paper, you are creating an intention. You are signaling the seriousness of your goals to your subconscious mind ,and this is a great way of ensuring maximum focus. In addition, the list of goals will serve as a welcome reminder of your ability to achieve.

Opt for slow-digesting carbohydrates

Eating carbohydrates which are digested slowly by the body such as yams, whole grains and brown rice will give you a sustained flow of energy through the day. Such carbohydrates should therefore be the main carbohydrates in your diet. Fast-digesting carbohydrates such as white bread or sugar will make your blood sugar levels to spike, and this creates an enhanced insulin response which can be harmful.

You can consume the fast-digesting carbohydrates after the exercise when your body needs to replenish the energy reserves and they will not be converted to fat. You also need to control the intake of drinks that are laden with carbohydrates.

Free weights are better

Exercise machines are designed to operate in a certain way, and this may be inappropriate for your physique. For example your arms and legs may be too long or short -and this will enhance the chances of getting injured or developing some weakness. Instead of doing machine exercises, opt for barbells, medicine balls and dumbbells. Doing this will help to build up your body strength in ways that are more suited to your physique. They will also work more body muscles than the machines.

Bouncing back after failure

Whatever your goals, you need to appreciate that you are only human. Sometimes you will fall short of your performance targets or eat something that is unhealthy. The action you take after such failures is critical. You therefore need to formulate a plan for recovery in order to avoid giving up completely.

Following the tips outlined above will go a long way in helping you to realize your fitness goals for 2016.